When looking at insurance companies that offer Medigap in California it can confusing, but it need not be. Here’s what I found out about a company that’s been around for 75 years, Anthem Blue Cross of California Medicare Supplemental Plans:

Is Anthem Blue Cross of California’s Medigap program right for you?

Good question. When I looked at their website this is what they are saying in praise of their plans:

  • Freedom – No need for referrals. All Medicare doctors are in your network.
  • Flexible – Fills in the gaps of your original Medicare plan.
  • Portable – All plans are good throughout the United States, and some plans cover you on foreign travel.
  • Guaranteed renewable – Medigap plans cannot be cancelled for any reason except for non-payment.
  • Stable – Plans stay the same, benefits will be only be adjusted as structured by original Medicare plan.

That’s all true. Sounds great, huh? Well, guess what? This is true of all Medigap policies because the federal government insures that all supplement plans (A, B, F, etc.) are identical to any other competitor’s.

So why would you choose Anthem Blue Cross of California Medigap over another provider?

Cost. Simple as that. Anthem offers some of the most competitive pricing in Medigap coverage.

Anthem Blue Cross Medigap, Check. Now what?

First things first, and this is very important, sign up in your initial enrollment period, or you are subject to a review of your health records. This period begins the first day of the month that you turn sixty-five, or as soon as you are eligible for Medicare even if you are under sixty-five due to being on disability, and this open enrollment ends six months later. But this doesn’t mean if you have missed this initial period that you will not be eligible for Medigap.

How much does Anthem Blue Cross of California’s Medigap cost?

As you know one size doesn’t fit all, to find out your specific rate click on one of the buttons below. Or if you want to read more about Medigap read the article Medicare Supplemental Insurance landing page.