There are a lot of rumors of how ObamaCare will affect seniors 65 and over when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans. There are two big changes. One good, one, maybe not so good for you. Let us explain.

Free Preventive Care for Seniors

Let’s start with the good.You may have heard about how the new qualified health plans offer $0 preventive services, but did you know that this is available to seniors with Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage? Well, it is. Some of the ACA preventive services for seniors available are:

  • Annual wellness visit
  • Cervical cancer screening, including Pap smear tests and pelvic exams
  • Cholesterol and other cardiovascular screenings
  • Flu shot, pneumonia shot, and the hepatitis B shot
  • Mammograms

Medicare Advantage Gov’t May Cut Reimbursements

This is what I was talking about one that is not so good for you. Here’s the thing, the Affordable Care Act set out laws to check out insurance providers’ performances. So, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan you could end up paying more for your premium and out-of-pocket costs, especially if your plan doesn’t rate well. We will all have to see what happens after January 1 to see how the ACA really affects seniors.

Why does the Government have its Hand in my Health Care?

Great question. Mainly because Medicare Advantage costs the government about 14% more than it pays out for those on Original Medicare. They’re trying to cut their losses.

Advice for Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

Great thing about MA plans is that you can change your plan every year. Which just means you get a do-over every year if something went wrong the year before. Seriously, when does that happen in life? Do the following things before deciding on a MA plan:

  • Be vigilant about checking out different companies’ ratings, and be willing to change if it isn’t the right plan for you.
  • Compare different Medicare Advantage plan networks available
  • See how many MA plan extras are included: like Rx coverage and gym memberships
  • Choose a reputable company
  • Find the best plan within your budget
  • If you move out of your MA plan area you can enroll in a Medigap plan without health records

If you want to enroll or switch your Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan call 800-930-7956 or contact Senior65.