New Medicare Cards: Everything you need to know

New Medicare cards start shipping April 2018

by Katie Banks+ on Mar 05, 2018

For the last 50 years Medicare IDs included their owner’s social security number.  This is about to change.  In April of 2018, Medicare will start shipping new cards with a random ID number that won’t give away your SS number. 

If you are new to Medicare after April 2018, you are in luck as your first card should be the new and improved card. 

If you already have the old card with the old ID, you will be shipped the new card sometime in the next year.  Once you get your new card, shred the old one and use the new one right away. 

Watch this video below by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) to learn more.

Remember: Do not fall for phone or mail scams asking for your old ID card number (or money) to get your new card.

  • CMS will not call you about then new card,
  • CMS will never ask for personal information required for the new card and
  • CMS will never charges a fee for your new card.


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