Kentucky Medigap Birthday Rule brings a new change to the Bluegrass state, offering individuals with MedSup plans the freedom to switch without undergoing medical underwriting. This new Medigap switching law is called the KY Birthday Rule and we will explain how it works below.

Celebrate your birthday in Kentucky and receive a special gift: the opportunity to switch your Medigap plan for free.

How Does the Kentucky Medigap Birthday Rule Work?

The Kentucky Department of Insurance recently implemented significant reforms. Among them is the impactful ‘Birthday Rule,’ bringing changes to the landscape of Medicare Supplement Policies.

One of the key aspects of this reform is the introduction of an annual birthday enrollment period. During this window, individuals have the opportunity to replace their current Medicare supplement plan with the same type of plan through a different insurer.

This new law is effective as of 1/1/2024 and will allow you to switch Medigap plans, regardless of your health, as long as you follow the guidelines. (Source)

When to Apply Using the Kentucky Birthday Rule

It’s crucial to note that the enrollment application must be submitted within 30 days before and no later than 60 days past the first day of your birth month.

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Why is the Birthday Rule Important?

In states without the Birthday Rule, individuals may face limited options if their Medigap prices undergo large increases. This could mean having to either accept the new, higher price or potentially facing rejection when applying to a new plan due to your pre-existing conditions.

The new Kentucky Birthday rule allows you to switch to a lower-cost version of your plan with a competitor without the risk of being declined. Check out our Ultimate guide to the Medigap Birthday Rule in every state.

Kentucky residents are encouraged to check Medigap prices as their birthday approaches. The most efficient way to obtain accurate pricing information is by obtaining an Instant Medigap Quote through our services. If a lower-cost plan is found with a different provider, you can apply for Medigap online here using the birthday rule. can also guide you through the process of making the switch.

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