Medicare Part A and Part B pay toward services for elderly health care, however still leave a gap that the senior must cover. Medicare supplemental insurance, AKA Medigap, fills in these gaps. Our bullet list shows why you need both Medicare Part A and Part B, as well as a Medigap plan.

Medicare Part A pays toward:

• Hospital Care
• Skilled Nursing
• Nursing Home Care*
• Hospice
• Home Health Services*

*This coverage excludes custodial care

Medicare Part B pays toward:

• Mental Health
• Clinical Research
• Preventive Care
• Ambulance Services
• Doctor’s Office Visits

Services covered by Medigap Plan A

• Covers Part A hospital coinsurance
• Part B copay and coinsurance
• Part A hospice coinsurance
• First 3 pints of blood transfusion

Services covered by Medigap Plan F

• All services covered by Plan A
• Part A & B deductible
• Part B excess charges
• Skilled nursing coinsurance
• Foreign travel healthcare

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Next Steps
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