Does Medicare cover Hospital Care?

Learn how Medicare covers hospital coverage

by Katie Banks+ on Apr 16, 2019 | 1 Comment

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Hospital care usually has considerable cost, and it leaves seniors wondering what is covered and what they will have to pay for. That’s why Senior65 is making this Medicare guide to Hospital Coverage.

Does Medicare cover Hospital Care?

Yes it does, to an extent. Medicare Part A is the part of Medicare that covers hospitalization. Basically it covers anytime you’re in the hospital, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospice or Home Health Services. The thing is that Part A also comes with out of pocket costs and limitations on coverage.

  • Has a $1,408 deductible
  • Has a $352 per day coinsurance per day of each benefit period from day 60 to 90.
  • Has a $704 per day coinsurance per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime).
  • Beyond the lifetime reserve day you need to cover all costs

Does Medigap cover Hospital Care?

Yes it does. Medigap’s goal is to fill in the gaps Medicare leaves.

  • Covers your Part A Deductible
  • Covers Coinsurance and Copays.
  • Covers up to 365 Extra lifetime hospital days.

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Does Medicare Advantage cover Hospital Care?

Yes. Medicare Advantage Plans must cover all of the services that Original Medicare covers. Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer extra coverage, like vision, hearing, dental and you usually pay a monthly premium for this plan. Each MA plan varies when it comes to Deductibles and Copays.

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Reader Comments and Questions

By Evelynn on April 28, 2019

If i have plan F now, when comes 2020, can my insurance cancel my plan and force me to switch over to plan G

There's been some discussion about this but like we always say: Plan F is not going away, if you are already enrolled or are "newly eligible" before 2020 you can keep it. To learn more about it check our article Medigap Plan F 2020 Rules: MACRA explained.
-Eric from

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