With 650,000 people undergoing chemotherapy each year, not knowing how you would be covered can be scary (and expensive), especially when you have other things to worry about. Let’s break down the coverage.

Does Medicare cover Chemotherapy?

While Original Medicare does partially cover chemotherapy for in-patient (covered by Part A), most people receive chemo through out patient care. If you do not have Part B (or other creditable coverage), you would have to pay everything out of pocket for your chemo.

As you can see these costs can add up even with Medicare: if you are in the hospital you are still responsible for your Part A deductible $1,632 and coinsurance. If you are in an out-patient facility you are responsible for your Part B deductible ($240), copays, and coinsurance.

One of the benefits of Original Medicare is you can seek your care from any doctor in the country that accepts Medicare assignment. For example if you live in Texas, but the best oncologist for your cancer is in Michigan, you can see that doctor.

Does Medigap Cover Chemotherapy?

All Medigap plans pay part or all of your coinsurance and copays for out-patient chemotherapy, but only Medigap C and F will cover your Part B deductible. Now, if you receive your chemotherapy in the hospital most Medigap plans will pay all or part of your Part A deductible.

One of the benefits of Medigap is it works with Original Medicare’s nationwide network.

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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Chemotherapy?

As you may know, Medicare Advantage must cover everything that Medicare covers. One thing to take into account is that Medicare Advantage plans may cover various services differently than the way Original Medicare covers it.

One of the drawbacks of Medicare Advantage is they are generally HMO networks. This means that you will have a limited network of doctors of hospitals to treat cancer.

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