If you're new to Medicare, review the five insurance options below. Some of these plans have deadlines with penalties so don't delay too long. Already have a plan? Open enrollment starts October 15th. Click the button for more information.
Open Enrollment Overview

Medicare Supplement (MEDIGAP)

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (AKA Medigap) enhances Original Medicare to significantly extend hospital, skilled nursing, and travel coverage. It also can pay for Medicare deductibles and Medicare Copays. Medigap is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy.

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Medicare Advantage (MA)

Medicare Advantage (MA) requires private companies to REPLACE Original Medicare with, at minimum, the equivalent benefits. While these plans usually have a smaller network of doctors, some MA plans may cover prescriptions, dental or even Medicare deductibles.

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Part D Prescriptions

D is for Drug! Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage offered by private insurance companies but approved and regulated by Medicare. This will allow you to receive big discounts on your monthly prescription costs. Picking the right Part D plan can depend on what drugs you are currently taking. 

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Senior Dental

Original Medicare offers no dental benefits but there are many affordable dental insurance options available.  Some are senior specific while others are available to all regardless of age.

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Senior Vision

Medicare covers cataract surgery, macular degeneration, diabetic vision issues. For everything else (eye exams, glasses, contacts etc.) you are on your own.  VSP offers senior vision coverage for many expenses not covered by Medicare.
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