Part D Medicare Coverage: When should I sign up?

If you don’t have other credible prescription drug coverage through work or spouse, you will pay a 1 percent penalty for late enrollment for every month that you could have enrolled but chose not to.

How to Switch Your Part D Plan for 2014

There are two ways to switch your Medicare Part D drug plan in 2014. If you are not happy with your current monthly costs, covered medications, and out-of-pocket costs you'll want to consider these two options for changing your plan.

Medicare Drugs: Part D Coverage

Coming from the group or individual market, most newly senior persons are used to drug coverage being part of the package. However, quickly seniors will learn that Original Medicare does not provide prescription coverage. Here are the things you need to know about Medicare Part D...

Seniors Health Plan: Medicare, Medigap, and Prescription Coverage

Now that you're sixty-five you need to make some Medicare decisions. We have found a way to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Medicare Part D 2014 Donut Hole Cost

As many seniors turning or already 65 may know, the Affordable Care Act is closing the Medicare Part D donut-hole by 2020. Each year the hole gets smaller and smaller. We have your cost-sharing for 2014.

Turning 65? Here is a Medicare Quick Guide

Turning 65 means you are now eligible for Medicare. Due to the amount of misinformation and confusing choices, figuring out Medicare can be a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be. We have done our best to make a simple Medicare guide to help navigate this major change in your healthcare life.. (Updated 3/25/2014)

Boomers: Medicare Part D Financial Help

With boomers becoming Medicare-eligible at record numbers they maybe concerned of how they will pay for their Medicare Part D, also known as a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). A little known fact is...

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Loophole

With Medicare's Open Enrollment now closed what do you do if your health plan or Rx plan aren't up to par? Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans are available year round as long as...

Part D Plans: Medicare Prescription Coverage

Part D plans are prescription coverage for seniors with Medicare or Medicare Advantage. We've broken down how prescription drug coverage works for you now that you're...

Medicare Part D “Donut Hole” 2013

In 2013 the amount you will have to pay for Brand and Generic Drugs could be a little less. Sounds confusing? We will try to explain the changes to the Medicare prescription plan in plain English.