How to Apply for Medicare Health Plans

Once you're eligible for Medicare you'll want to know how to apply for Original Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Part D (prescription drug coverage). Here is how each works.

How to Get Medicare Drug Coverage

Once you're Medicare-eligible you may choose to enroll in a prescription drug plan. Let us explain how you get Medicare drug coverage.

ALS Medicare Rx Coverage

Medicare's prescription drug plan covers those who have been diagnosed with ALS. Here are some things you should look for when researching Medicare Part D plans.

Medicare Health Insurance Plans: 4 Things You Must Know

Medicare health insurance plans include Original Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and a Prescription Plan. We have broken down the key parts to these plans to make them easier to understand.

Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

Medicare's prescription drug plan costs can vary from provider to provider, with that said there are parameters for the costs for which each Medicare Part D plan must follow. 1) The national base premium is...

Senior Health Plan: Medicare, Medigap, and Rx

You are turning 65 and everything you've known about health insurance is now different. Senior health plans are very different from anything you've experienced in the past. We've broken down the 3 things a senior needs to secure their health coverage.

Prescription Drug Insurance

Prescription drug coverage is an important add-on to Original Medicare. Many Medicare eligible people are unaware that is not included or how much it costs. 1) Medicare Part D is..

Medicare D Program: How to Choose the Right Plan

Medicare Part D program helps seniors save on the high cost of prescription drugs. We have made it simple to choose...

Part D: Medicare Prescription Plan Key Points

We have found the most important things you need to know about Medicare Part D, and compiled a list for you. 1) If you choose to replace your Original Medicare with a Medicare Advantage Plan, these MA plans generally offer Rx...

Coverage D: Prescription Drug Plans

Once you qualify for Medicare you will want to add on a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) to ensure that you have the basics covered. Many people don't realize that Original Medicare does not cover prescription drugs -which can be a rude awakening the first time a senior goes into a pharmacy. We've broken down the rules, how to get it, and what else you need, so that you won't be surprised.

Part D Medicare Coverage: When should I sign up?

If you don’t have other credible prescription drug coverage through work or spouse, you will pay a 1 percent penalty for late enrollment for every month that you could have enrolled but chose not to.

How to Switch Your Part D Plan for 2014

There are two ways to switch your Medicare Part D drug plan in 2014. If you are not happy with your current monthly costs, covered medications, and out-of-pocket costs you'll want to consider these two options for changing your plan.