Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

Medicare's Open Enrollment 2018 begins in October. Many seniors are confused about what options are available to them at this time. This article explains the dos, don'ts, cans, and cannots...

Medicare Open Enrollment 2017

Medicare Open Enrollment 2017 is right around the corner, but what is it? And, what does it mean to you? Medicare Open Enrollment, also known as Medicare's Annual Election Period...

When Will My Part D Coverage Start?

Here are your deadlines for enrollment into Medicare Part D

Why Review Your Medicare Open Enrollment Options?

You will want to review your Medicare open enrollment options, even if you like your current plan. Here's why.

5 Things to Know About Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare's Open Enrollment happens every year. Here are 5 things you need to know about this Annual Election Period

Open Enrollment: Medicare Advantage and Drug Plan

Medicare's Open Enrollment is October 15 - December 7th. This period is meant give Medicare beneficiaries a chance to look over their benefits and decide if they want to switch or stay with their current plan.

Medicare Open Enrollment: 3 Things to Do

Medicare Open Enrollment runs from October 15th to December 7th, every year. During this time you can switch to or join a Medicare Advantage plan, prescription drug plan, or Original Medicare. Here are three things to do during open enrollment.

Original Medicare: How Does it Cover Vaccinations?

Original Medicare offers $0 preventive care for seniors. This includes certain health screenings and vaccinations, however you may be surprised to learn that Medicare may only cover...

When Can I Switch My Medicare Part D Drug Plan?

If you want to switch your Part D plan, otherwise known as your Medicare prescription drug plan, you have very specific times in which this is allowed.

Watch Out: Medicare Open Enrollment SCAM Emails

We have been alerted to Medicare Open Enrollment scam emails stating that people 65 and over (and those younger with certain disabilities) only have until...

5 Ways to Better Medicare

Once you are Medicare-eligible, or just about to be, there are some tips on how to be a savvy Medicare consumer. 1) Understand the different parts of Medicare, 2) Learn the difference between...

Medicare Donut-Hole 2015 at a Glance

The majority of Medicare prescription drug plans (PDP) will reach a coverage gap, known as the donut-hole. Let us explain your 2015 drug costs are during the donut hole.