Can I Switch My Medigap Plan After I Enroll?

When choosing a Medigap plan many people wonder if they are able to change their plan down the line. The answer is: it depends.

What are My Senior Health Options?

Now that you're 65 and enrolled in Original Medicare, you may want to know what your senior healthcare options are. We have listed your senior healthcare insurance choices to help you make a decision.

Medicare Supplement: What if I Choose to Not Buy One on Time?

Once you are enrolled in Original Medicare you have the right to choose a Medigap plan, but what happens if don't sign up during open enrollment?

Medigap: Discounts and Special Offers

Did you know that Medigap offers special deals and discounts? Well, some plans do. Here are the ways to get in on the swag.

Which Doctors Accept Medigap?

Almost 65 and looking into a Medicare Supplement policy, AKA Medigap? One of your first questions probably is which doctors can I see. Let us explain the Medigap network of doctors and healthcare facilities.

Medigap Application Secret: It’s Easy to Apply!

Once you turn 65 there is a lot senior health business to take care of. Making choices about a Medigap may seem overwhelming, but we are here to tell you that it is actually very easy to apply.

What does Medigap Cover?

Medigap covers the gaps for seniors who are enrolled in Original Medicare. Seniors over 65 will find they will pay out of pocket for almost all Medicare medical services, whereas Medigap covers many of these...

Medigap: When Should I Apply?

If you are turning 65 and interested in Medigap, you'll want to sign up at the right time.

Medicare Mental Healthcare: Positives and Negatives

Medicare will start covering mental health at the same cost as other medical conditions beginning Jan 1, 2014. Although this may seem to be a huge victory for seniors 65 and over, there is still a disparity in care, as well as...

Medigap 65 and Over: 5 Things to Know

Medigap, aka Medicare Supplemental insurance, is designed to protect seniors from costly medical expenses left by Original Medicare. We know it can seem a little complicated so here is a list of 5 things to know...

Affordable Care Act: Medigap Changes?

The Affordable Care Act doesn't affect Medigap in most cases, but there is one thing that could change in the future for Medigap policyholders. As 1/5 of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in...

Medigap Guaranteed Renewal and Issuance

Medigap, also known Medicare Supplement insurance, offers guaranteed renewal and issuance, however you only have one opportunity in most states to enroll.