Affordable Care Act Senior Question

We have been receiving frequent questions about senior health care and we've decided to publish questions and answer them on the site. QUESTION: For seniors on medicare, making under...

Affordable Care Act: Seniors Do Not Have to Do Anything

As the Affordable Care Act is right around the corner many seniors are wondering if they have to purchase one of the new plans. Answer is...

24% of Medicare Beneficiaries are Enrolled in Medigap

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, 88% of all Medicare beneficiaries also had a form of supplemental insurance. Medigap (Medicare Supplement Plan) accounts for 24% of seniors, with 14% of seniors enrolled in a...

Emergency Medicare

If you have Original Medicare and are travelling outside of the country, are you covered? With few exceptions, no. We'll explain how Medicare works with foreign travel.

Medicare Law: 3 ObamaCare Facts for Seniors

With ObamaCare right around the corner we wanted to set the record straight in regards to ObamaCare and Medicare. 1) Medicare will not be...

Changes to Medicare 2013

In 2013 you will see a few changes to traditional Medicare. Specifically, Medicare Parts A and B deductible and premium rates will increase. See article for complete details.

2013 Medicare Costs

As 2013 arrives, there are two things you can count on. 1) New Year Eve parties and 2) New fees associated with Medicare. Today we will discuss the new costs for Medicare in 2013