Does Medicare Cover Second Opinions?

Before you get non-emergency surgery you may want to get a second opinion, but does Medicare cover that? That's the big question. Going under the knife can be scary, and we all want to make sure we're diagnosed properly before we do it.

Does Medicare Cover Blood Transfusions?

Needing a blood transfusion can happen to anyone if you have a car accident or other injury, surgery, bleeding, and disease. With so many emergency and non-emergency reasons for a blood transfusion, most people don't think about what they would cost and is it covered at all by Medicare. We have the answers for you.

Does Medicare Cover Nursing Homes?

A nursing home can be defined as a Long Term Care Facility or a Skilled Nursing Facility. These types of round the clock care are covered differently and have completely different expenses. But does Medicare cover either one of them?

Does Medicare Cover Lap Band Surgery?

The lap band is officially called laparoscopic banding surgery, and it falls under the category of Bariatric surgery, along with gastric bypass. These types of surgery can be very expensive and many wonder if Medicare covers it.

Does Medicare Cover Glasses?

Medicare covers a lot of medical services, but there are items and services that are partially or not covered at all by Original Medicare. Glasses are one of those things that people don't know if Medicare covers.

Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Services?

Ambulance services are meant to transport emergency and non-emergency patients to a hospital, critical care facility, or Skilled Nursing Facility. Ambulatory services can be expensive, and many Medicare eligible wonder if Medicare covers this cost.

Does Medicare Cover Hospice?

Hospice care is for the terminally ill with 6 months or less to live. It is usually given in the home, but can be at a hospice facility. The big question is will Medicare cover hospice? We have the answer.

Does Medicare Cover Scooters?

If you need a wheelchair or power operated vehicle, better known as a scooter, you might be wondering if Medicare covers this cost.

Does Medicare Cover Foot Care?

Does Medicare cover foot care? Maybe. We'll tell you what we mean.

Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture or Chiropractic?

Original Medicare offers limited coverage for physical therapy, but does it cover acupuncture and chiropractic? One is in and one is out.

Does Medicare Cover Vision?

The answer to the question, does Medicare cover vision, is a little more complicated than most "Does Medicare cover this" question." Let me explain.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

One question we get a lot from clients is: does Original Medicare cover dental? We'll explain what your options are.