Insurance Health for Seniors: Three Items you Need

When looking for insurance health for seniors there are three things you need to look at. We found that with a basic Medigap plan you are covered during...

Americas Senior Health Insurance Plans: Medigap

Seniors want to get the most health coverage, Medigap provides that. If you only have Medicare it could cost you up to $1 Mil a year in out-of-pocket costs because...

Anthem Blue Cross of California Medigap

Medicare Supplemental plans can be confusing. Anthem Blue Cross of California Medigap Plan might be the right supplement plan for you because it...

Humana now offers Medigap Plans in Virginia

Humana currently offers a nice array of low cost, medium and comprehensive Medigap plans. Plan A and Plan F High-Deductible are usually the most affordable. Depending on what price it is offered in your state, Plan F High-Deductible is

Blue Cross Michigan MyBlue Medigap℠ plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN) offers senior supplemental plans called MyBlue Medigap℠. While you must purchase this coverage in the state of Michigan, MyBlue Medigap coverage is accepted nationwide with any health care provider that accepts Medicare. These plans are designed ...

Changes to Medicare 2013

In 2013 you will see a few changes to traditional Medicare. Specifically, Medicare Parts A and B deductible and premium rates will increase. See article for complete details.

Medicare Part D “Donut Hole” 2013

In 2013 the amount you will have to pay for Brand and Generic Drugs could be a little less. Sounds confusing? We will try to explain the changes to the Medicare prescription plan in plain English.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinios Medicare Supplement

At Senior 65 we are not the only ones who are trying to help best explain how Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medigap) and Prescription Drugs work. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois have put together a pretty good overview video that gives you the straight scoop on your Medicare options

2013 Medicare Costs

As 2013 arrives, there are two things you can count on. 1) New Year Eve parties and 2) New fees associated with Medicare. Today we will discuss the new costs for Medicare in 2013