Medigap May Save Your Life

Medigap, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, covers the gaps that Original Medicare doesn't cover financially. For those with only Medicare, cuts in coverage are linked to an increased mortality rate.

Medicare Says: 65 & Over Get Your $0 Flu Shot

Take advantage of your Medicare plan and get your $0 Flu shot. This is all part of the ACA's $0 preventive care for seniors 65 and over...

Medigap: Emergency Travel Care For Seniors Turning 65

You're almost 65, worked your whole life, and now want to travel the world. But, did you know that Original Medicare doesn't usually cover you while you are travelling outside of the U.S.? What if you...

65 and ACA: 2 Ways it Affects Medicare Advantage

There are a lot of rumors of how ObamaCare will affect seniors 65 and over when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans. There are two big changes. One good, one, maybe not so good for you. Let us explain.

Turning 65: Medigap for Seniors

Medigap is the nickname given to Medicare Supplemental insurance that helps fills in the "gaps" of Original Medicare. We know it can seem a little overwhelming to learn about all the new health options once you...

Over 65: How does Medicare Work with Your Family?

Most health plans allow for family coverage, however Medicare isn't like most health plans. Therefore your children and spouse cannot enroll in your Medicare plan. But, the...

Medigap: Guaranteed Coverage

Medicare Supplement insurance, more commonly known as Medigap, offers guaranteed coverage. What does this mean? We'll explain it to you, as well as lay down some Medigap knowledge on you.

ObamaCare Plans VS. Medicare

Many seniors are wondering if they should switch from Medicare to an ObamaCare plan. You may be able to, but you might not want to. We'll explain.

ObamaCare: Medigap and Preexisting Conditions

ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has a provision that disallows preexisting conditions to be a factor in any new health plan. But how does this affect Medicare Supplemental insurance? We've got answers for you.

Medicare Study: 4 Figures Seniors Need to Know

Mount Sinai School of Medicine released a study stating that high cost of medical care accrued by seniors when only covered by Medicare. Simply stated Medicare doesn't cover as much as...

5 Ways the ACA Affects Seniors

The Affordable Care Act and Medicare is a controversial subject because there are mixed accounts of how it will affect seniors. We've compiled 5 changes: 1) Background checks on all workers at...

Anthem Refunds Medigap Policyholders in 5 States

Anthem will be refunding Medicare Supplement, Medigap, policyholders in five states. This is due to the Affordable Care Act's 80/20 Rule, that states all providers must...