Medicare Questions for Senior65

by Chris Mihm+ on Jan 01, 2018 | 3 Comments
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Reader Comments and Questions

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By Robert on October 22, 2018

Why is United Health care Plan K not included?

Thanks for trying out our new automatic chat bot. We are unable to provide the pricing of every plan by all insurance providers via the chatbot or on our instant quote tool. If you would like to get a price for United Health Plan K, you would have to either contact us at 800-930-7956 or send us the following information:

Date of Birth
Zip Code

We are able to respond with a quote in minutes. Thank you.
-Eric from

Please note: Plan K is not available in all areas. We can confirm when you send us your details.

By Becky on October 16, 2018

is the premium for Medigap more expensive for a disabled person age 62 than a person age 65?

Hi Becky
Thanks for trying out our new chatbot. We are still improving on it. In the meantime I will answer your question directly. In most states, the Medigap premium for those under 65 is more expensive than those over 65. Some states such as New Jersey have rules that make the price for under 65 affordable.
-Chris from

By Taghavi on October 11, 2018

I love your site but I had a question that was too specific for your chatbot. If I am disabled and under 65 and do not elect a Medigap now, can I elect Medigap when I turn 65 without underwriting?

Thanks for trying out our new Chatbot. We are working hard everyday to make it smarter.

As far as your question goes, the answer is yes! You are able to apply for a Medigap plan once you turn 65 and you will be guaranteed to be approved at the best price without answering health questions. This is true even if you were previously eligible for Medicare through a disability.
Hope that helps,
-Chris from

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